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Why Fly with Us?

A hot air balloon ride is not something you will do every weekend.
Do it right.  Do it with the right people!


Safety has always been our #1 priority, and that's not just talk! We have been flying for 35 years with a perfect safety record without incident or accident!  We love what we do, but take it seriously.  Air Balloon rides are limited to times of good weather and light winds. If the weather does not cooperate with us on the day of your flight, we will reschedule with you for another time. Our decision to fly is always made with our passengers' safety in mind. Each pilot is certified by the FAA with a commercial license and attends an annual safety seminar. In addition, all pilots receive a bi-annual safety flight review to ensure proficiency.


Our entire operation is covered by the proper insurance.  Our commercial air balloon rides are covered by an A+ Best rated company. Our employees are covered by Worker's Comp and Disability insurance. Insurance is the law in New York State and we make sure all taxes are paid (as they should be!). We do not cut corners.  We do things right!


A new balloon is great to look at! The fabric is clean and the colors are vibrant! What you do not see is that new fabric is also very durable and trouble free. This is why we replace our equipment much sooner than most ride operators. We have our balloons custom made and purchase them brand new. It does cost more, but we feel the added margin of safety is well worth the expense.  Our vans are four wheel drive which makes getting in and out of landing fields a breeze. Clean, comfortable vans with air conditioning/heat is what you will find at Above the Clouds! All of our chase trucks have discreet frequency, two way radio communications with the balloons to make sure the crew is waiting for us at the landing site ~ wherever that may be!


Our larger baskets will carry up to six to eight passengers at a time. That's twice the number most balloons will carry.  The real story is in the basket design. Our partitioned baskets give you a feeling of security with its extra high sides and padded wicker all while creating compartments giving you your own space. Every passenger gets a front row seat! Our smaller basket will accommodate four passengers in a traditional basket design.

The Lower Hudson Valley

Our flying area is one of the most beautiful in the country. We have rolling green hills, small towns, lakes and streams. On most morning flights, we will spot deer and Red Tailed hawks. On a calm and clear day, we can easily pick out the New York City Skyline. Only an hour from the City, we are one of the closest balloon ride operators to the metro area.

The Goodies

Flights end with a traditional champagne toast. All of our guests will receive a photo keepsake suitable for home or office. Also, we will make available any pictures we have from that days flight, as well as posting them on our FaceBook page. It's great to see your experience from someone else's point of view!

Meet the Pilot

Hi! My name is Chris Healy and Above the Clouds is my company.  I hope you are enjoying the web site.  I've been a professional balloonist since 1986.   I've flown in California, New Mexico, Utah and most of the Northeast.  A few times each year, we pack up the whole operation and go to balloon festivals.  It's always nice to fly in a new area, but there's no place like home.  The rolling green hills and lush farmland of Orange County, NY are a sight to behold.  If I'm not ballooning, you might find me buzzing along in a small airplane.  I added my fixed wing (airplane) rating to my license in 1996.  What can I say, I love to fly!  And you'll love flying with me!


Happy Customers

Every flight with us is a memory of a lifetime


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