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The view from a hot air balloon
Ballooning from below
Ulster County ballooning
Hot air ballooning Hudson Valley
Balloon rides Hudson Valley

Balloon Rides Made Easy

Hot air balloon rides only happen in good weather.  We need the winds less than 7 mph, no rain and good visibility.  Some times its tough to make the weather call.  When there's a 'chance' of rain that also means there's a chance of no-rain.  Same with fog.  Whenever the balloon ride forecast looks iffy, we reschedule for another day.  I've had conditions turn out not as advertised and had to send people home disappointed from the field.  That's the worst feeling ever!  I'd rather be cautious and bring my passengers out when we know it's going to be good flying conditions.  This last week has been what we call a 'no-brainer'.  Just perfect weather for hot air ballooning!  Cool temps and great visibility.  And when it's been bad weather, it's been 20 mph, batten down the hatches kind of stuff!  That makes it easy too.  So no complaints about weather so far this season, give us a call and schedule your balloon ride!  (845) 360-5594

The view from a hot air balloon
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