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Romantic balloon ride New York City
Hot air balloons Hudson Valley New York
Ballooning Ulster County NY
Ballooning is fun
Champagne flight in a balloon

Balloon Rides New York

This morning was the calm before the storm!  We flew all three of our hot air balloons at sunrise and it was spectacular.  Clear skies and a gentle breeze with temperatures around 60 degrees made for the perfect balloon ride!  And let's not forget our great passengers.  They were awesome!  But what a difference a day will make.  A strong storm is rolling up the coast tonight and it's bringing wind and rain.  A lot of wind and rain!  On the overnight we expect wind gusts up to 35 mph and tomorrow we could get two inches of rain.  That is NOT good ballooning weather!  So tomorrow will be a catch up day for us.  I'll be doing some routine maintenance on the equipment, clean up the hanger.  We are heading into the busy season and the calendar is starting to fill up.  If you're ready to experience the adventure of a hot air balloon ride, now is the time to call!  We look forward to hearing from you!  (845) 360-5594

Hot Balloon Ride
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