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The Good Weather Is Here!!!

Looks like we've finally got some good weather!

Hot Air Balloon Tether

A few times a year we are blessed to have kids camps from the tri state area join us for a tethered flight.

Balloon Rides New York

This morning was the calm before the storm!

Balloon Rides Made Easy

Hot air balloon rides only happen in good weather.  We need the winds less than 7 mph, no rain and good visibility.

Morning Balloon Rides

We have run into a great streak of hot air balloon ride weather!

Safe Landings

Why so early?  It's a question we get all the time.  We fly at sunrise, all balloonists do.

Empire State Balloon Festival

It was my great honor to serve as Balloonmeister last weekend at the Empire State Hot Air Balloon Festival at

Happy 4th of July!

We have such great freedoms in this country and we take them for granted.

What a great weekend!

The good weather has settled into the Lower Hudson Valley and we are using all of it!

Magical Flight!

Ok, this was a first for me.

Empire State Hot Air Balloon Festival

Had a wonderful flight over in Dutchess County today!

Weather Woes

Is it me or does it feel like April out there!  I opened the door to 58 degrees this morning.  That's not bad if it's

Flying Season has begun!

We are finally flying hot air balloons in New York!  It was a tough winter, wasn't it?  It snowed all the way into Ap