Empire State Balloon Festival

It was my great honor to serve as Balloonmeister last weekend at the Empire State Hot Air Balloon Festival at www.BartonOrchards.com.   We had the best pilots and perfect weather!  Peter Barton is the most gracious host you will ever meet!  I must thank my crew and pilots for their incredible efforts and hard work.  Of course none of it would have been possible without Deana!  She is the unsung hero of the weekend.  Working tirelessly by my side for months, helping to organize an event from the 'other side of the table'.  I now have a new found respect for all who have toiled to bring these wonderful balloon festivals to life!  If you didn't make it to the festival for a ride, we have great news!  We will be flying balloons every day until November so give us a call and we will put you on the schedule!  (845) 360-5594