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Balloon Ride in New York
Balloon above New York
Ballooning in New YOrk
Balloon basket New York
Hot Air Balloon New York

Flying Season has begun!

We are finally flying hot air balloons in New York!  It was a tough winter, wasn't it?  It snowed all the way into April!  We couldn't go hot air ballooning in May due to all the rain.  But now the good weather is finally here and we are flying balloons once again!  We got a balloon ride in on Saturday.  We flew two of our colorful hot air balloons in Middletown, NY.  We could see all the way to New York City!  Floating over the countryside is absolutely serene.  We even saw a few deer scamping through the fields below!  We are starting to book up fast for the summer.  If you would like to go hot air ballooning, just give us a call to get on the schedule!  (845) 360-5594


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