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Hot Air Balloon Tether

A few times a year we are blessed to have kids camps from the tri state area join us for a tethered flight.  What is a tethered flight?  Glad you asked!  Instead of flying away, we tie the balloon down to three vehicles.  This holds us in place as we go up and down. We switch passengers every few minutes.  We rise 50 to 70 feet above the ground (height depends on wind).  We can accommodate 70 to 100 passengers per hour and we have enough fuel for a two hour event.  We can host the tether at our location or we can come to you!  We need a clear field at least 300 feet in diameter.  A tether is a special balloon event and you need the right equipment, personnel and experience.  We've got it all!  If you would like more info, just give us a call!  (845) 360-5594

Tethered balloon ride
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