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Ballooning weather
October 2018 Ballooning in the Snow
Heating up the Hot Air Balloon

Weather Woes

Is it me or does it feel like April out there!  I opened the door to 58 degrees this morning.  That's not bad if it's April, but June???  Come on!!  It feels like we are about 6 weeks behind on our weather this year.  I even over seeded the lawn yesterday.  Hey, if we're going to have cool mornings with dew on the grass, might as well use it!  On the bright side, at least it's not snow!  This weekend is looking pretty good and the cooler temps are actually nicer to fly in.  Better visibility and more comfortable under the burners.  Give us a call to make a reservation.  We look forward to hearing from you!  ~Chris   (845) 360-5594

Ballooning weather
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